docsecrets add-on

DocSecrets is an add-on for Google Docs that hides and encrypts sensitive information such as passwords or an idea for a patent.

All secrets are encrypted using AES in your browser. This means that inserted secrets are never sent or stored in unencrypted form. Likely, your pass-phrase is never sent or stored anywhere. Only you can decrypt your secrets so pick a passphrase that you can remember. All data is stored under your document as properties.

DocSecrets supports document sharing and enables you to censor parts of your document. If you reveal your passphrase to your collaborators they to can view and edit secrets.


  • Insert secrets displayed as highlighted text
  • Censor current selection
  • Sidebar tracks you cursor and displays the correct secret
  • Edit secrets
  • Reveal selected secret
  • Reveal all secrets
  • Remove secrets by deleting them in the document
  • Move secrets by cut and paste
  • Sidebar will be cleared after 5 min of inactivity
  • Supports sharing and collaboration
  • Client side AES encryption
  • All encrypted information is stored under your document