Get Started!

How to install

  1. Open a Google Doc
  2. In menu select Add-ons >> Get add-ons...
  3. Locate DocSecrets and click the button


  1. Select DocSecrets >> Open from the menu
  2. Type a passphrase. The passphrase cannot be reset - only you know the phrase.

Enter a passphrase for this document


    • Insert new secret - Type a secret in the text-box and click 'Insert'.
    • Censor a selection - Select text in the document and click 'Censor text'.
    • Click 'Reveal all' and answer Yes when prompted to reveal all secrets.
    • Select a secret by positioning the document cursor in a highlighted area or click on a secret in the sidebar.
    • Edit selected secret with the Edit button.
    • Reveal selected secret with the Reveal button.
    • Sidebar will be cleared after 5 minutes of inactivity.
    • Delete secrets by deleting the highlighted text.
    • Move secrets with cut and paste. Secrets are kept in memory for 1 minute during a cut operation.

Insert, Censor text and Reveal all; Inactivity timer.

Selected secret; Edit and Reveal buttons.